The project will ultimately deliver 40,000 new residences, 40,000 new jobs, and 300 hectares of public parks, making it one of the largest waterfront brownfield revitalization projects in the world.

With unflagging commitment to bring this vision of a sustainable waterfront to life, we are pleased to share Waterfront Toronto's first Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report.The report provides information to stakeholders on how we are working to deliver a revitalized waterfront by examining our vision for sustainability and reviewing performance since its inception.

A balanced triple bottom line approach is taken, quantifying success not by economics alone, but also through measurable environmental and social improvements.

This is next generational development. It's smart growth in every sense of the word ... when you look at the type of development that will be going onto this site, when you look at the type of uses that will be on the site. When you look at the rehabilitation of this particular site, it means green growth, it means healthy growth, it means quality of life growth.

Honourable Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Energy