Awards and Recognition

Since its inception in 2001, Waterfront Toronto has been the recipient of over 50 local, regional, national and international awards. 

The third-party awards recognize outstanding achievement in a broad range of disciplines, from planning, design, architecture, engineering and sustainability, to communications, and consultation.

The majority of the awards are considered to be the most prestigious and high-profile of their type.  They provide recognition and credibility, validate the Corporation’s strategies, help set industry standards, and, on occasion, even change the way people think.

Of particular note are those that recognize our leadership in the area of sustainability. In 2008 Waterfront Toronto won the Public Sector Service Gold Award for Toronto Waterfront's Aquatic Habitat Restoration Strategy. In 2010 we won the Living City Award: Healthy Rivers and Shorelines for the East Bayfront Integrated Stormwater Management System at Sherbourne Common, and in 2012 Waterfront Toronto was honoured with one of the world’s most prestigious: the Globe Award for Environmental Excellence in Urban Sustainability for our Minimum Green Building Requirements. Waterfront Toronto also received a BEX (Building Exchange) International award in the category of “Best Futuristic Design Award” for the Keating Channel Precinct Plan.

The awards demonstrate the organization’s leadership and are a tangible measure of Waterfront Toronto’s performance across an array of fields. They enhance our reputation, increase awareness of the revitalization initiative, and help us to attract good talent.

Awards and nominations to date