Health and Safety

Construction workers on siteWaterfront Toronto is committed to integrating health and safety in all we do; from construction site operations to office-based initiatives. We work for continual improvement in health and safety performance, striving to achieve operational excellence and zero injuries and occupational diseases. Our goal is to effectively manage the health and safety risks to workers, including both employees and contractors, and to encourage safe and healthy lifestyles.

Waterfront Toronto has a formal Joint Management-Worker Health and Safety Committee consisting of eight members (four representing management and four representing workers). Together this committee represents the entire Waterfront Toronto workforce. The committee is tasked to improve the health and safety conditions in the workplace by identifying and evaluating potential problems and making recommendations for corrective action. More than half of the committee members are certified health and safety committee members, and two members are certified first aid and CPR professionals.

The committee meets every three months and is responsible for conducting regular workplace inspections, first aid kit audits, and fire drill procedures. The committee also keeps staff informed of health and safety issues through a biannual newsletter and through a Sharepoint webpage that houses meeting minutes and important reference materials.

Waterfront Toronto is deemed to be a large employer in the construction industry under Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) policies. Waterfront Toronto therefore qualifies for the WSIB CAD - 7 Experience Rating Plan through which the WSIB tracks employers' health and safety performance. Under this plan Waterfront Toronto has been recognized as an employer "achieving and maintaining zero injury, illness and fatalities" which has resulted in a reduction of our premiums as well as validating our internal health and safety. Waterfront Toronto has received a rebate on insurance coverage for employees for the past five years.