Planning for Success

Group of workersAll Waterfront Toronto employees receive annual performance and career development reviews through a process called "Planning for Success" (PFS). PFS is a continuous process that encourages an open dialogue between an employee and their reporting manager on work expectations and priorities. The three-step process assists in translating Waterfront Toronto's business focus into individual day-to-day work responsibilities and objectives, and identifies our employees' training and development requirements.

Three Step Process

  1. Work Planning: a critical first step that confirms core responsibilities and objectives for the upcoming business cycle and defines the Learning Plan to capture an employee's learning objectives.
  2. Feedback / Interim Review of Work Progress: a formal review of work progress to date. At this stage any changes in responsibilities or objectives are discussed and any issues with the work or learning plan are examined.
  3. Review / Evaluation of Results Achieved: involves a review of the employee's work results over the year and skills needed to maximize performance for the upcoming year. At this point, an evaluation level is assigned to each of the core responsibilities and objectives and comments are provided. The reporting manager meets with the employee to share an overall assessment for the year and discuss compensation.

This three step process has proven successful in clearly identifying staff responsibilities and learning objectives, while also facilitating ongoing collaborative discussions with reporting managers about progress and priorities.

Service Awards

Waterfront Toronto believes that recognizing the long-term commitment of its employees is an important factor in creating an experienced, positive and supportive work environment.

To recognize the contributions made to the success of the Corporation, Service Awards are presented to employees at five year intervals of service. Eligible employees are honoured with a certificate and a Service Award at quarterly Townhall meetings, which are attended by all employees. 

The award presented to an eligible employee corresponds in value with the years of service and is chosen by the employee from a catalogue of items. To date, Service Awards were given to 32 employees with five years of service and 8 employees with ten years of service.  

                       service awards